Hi there, my name is Samiah and I'm from NYC. I'm Head of Operations and Special Projects for Gilded Audio, an independent podcast production company in Brooklyn. We collaborate with partners and make our own shows. My job means I help things run, help business develop and produce podcasts that aren't your usual format. 


Previously, I produced a large variety of fiction and non-fiction shows for Pinna, the award winning children's podcasting company spun out of Panoply Media. I handled every logistical aspect of a production from kid-testing to budgets as well as every creative aspect from script editing to voice direction to sound design. I also took on the role of managing producer, supervising a show's creative output while handling partners and outside contractors.


Before Pinna, I supported journalist Sue Jaye Johnson with the development of her TED Talk and multimedia project about sex in America. In this role I conducted research and kept things organized. Prior to this I worked at representation agencies with a focus on editorial and documentary photography . I still take photos with an analog camera in my free time. 


I love making schedules, formulating a show's cohesive voice and my Mini Goldendoodle, Howard.