Hi there, I'm a freelance podcast producer living in NYC. I currently work as production manager across all shows for Gilded Audio, which collaborates with companies such as Spotify. I also edit shows for Gilded as well as other networks. 


Previously, I produced a large variety of fiction and non-fiction shows for Pinna, the award winning children's podcasting company spun out of Panoply Media. I handled every logistical aspect of a production from kid-testing to budgets as well as every creative aspect from script editing to voice direction to sound design. I also took on the role of managing producer, supervising a show's creative output while handling partners and outside contractors.


Before Pinna, I supported journalist Sue Jaye Johnson with the development of her TED Talk and multimedia project about sex in America. In this role I conducted research and kept things organized. Prior to this I worked at representation agencies with a focus on editorial and documentary photography . I still take photos with an analog camera in my free time. 


I love making schedules, formulating a show's cohesive voice and my dog, Howard.  Listen to a sample of my work below.

The FurryTones

Story Time with Benny and Buddy 

Good Sport!

Job Squad

Anytime Art

ExtraBLURT Jr.

Molly and the Sugar Monster